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Dopamine / Oxytocin / Serotonin / Endorphin

4 motivational videos to raise morale for your organization employees

Acquiring knowledge and the ability to use the 4 happiness hormones are more relevant than ever these days and it is worthwhile to use them more proactively to achieve 3 goals:

  1. Lift the mood

  2. Improving optimism and ability to cope with stress

  3. Improving self-discipline in order to continue to be proactive and to work and develop during times of uncertainty and crises

happiness science research has found that there are 4 hormones that directly affect our mood, energy level and vitality, and sense of belonging and happiness:

Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin

It was found that a positive mood in people is a strong predictor of physical health, researchers found that people are happier they are adopting a healthier lifestyle than others.

The interesting thing about raising happiness hormones is when we manage to improve each of the hormone, we reduce the stress hormone - the cortisol hormone. Which greatly improves the immune system and reduces the level of inflammation in the body and also reduces the risk of disease.

The videos will focus on how use the 4 happiness hormones in order boost employee’s mood during the corona-virus crises.

Each week, one short video will be aired with an interesting explanation of a certain happiness hormone and then I will guide the employees through 4 fun and easy-to-use simple tools - the tools will be tailored to home-based closure with home-based work with children and combine humor and optimism.

Week 1: The love hormone - Oxytocin
A hormone that significantly reduces stress, improves an immune system and improves long-term happiness
Sample Application Tool: For a whole week looking everyone in the eye and not doing PHUBBING (phone snubbing ignores someone when I talk to him because of mobile use)


Week 2: Serotonin Mood Hormone
Let's start with the antidepressant hormone, the natural Prozac - at the end of the video 4 fun and easy methods to raise the mood hormone serotonin will be given.
Sample Application Tool: Every day, have a 15-minute activity if possible, in the sun - a walk in conversation, or any other activity, in a garden or living room balcony. The combination of sun exposure and light exercise raises serotonin

Week 3: The motivation hormone - Dopamine
The dopamine hormone affects the motivation to do, search, and get information to initiate activities
Example application tools: learn something new - learn a new skill like cooking or internet marketing, do a short course online, start a course in Coursera, learn new technology and more.

Week 4: Energy Hormone and Mood - Endorphin
A hormone that increases energy and mood dramatically reduces stress
For example: Reduce sitting time by two hours a day by walking, walking meetings, stairs and more

The following video will give you a taste of the videos in 3 languages: Hebrew (Original), Spanish (Dubbing), Japanese (Dubbing)

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